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Post by Admin on Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:39 pm


This race is similar to humans in the real world. They appear with a variety of skin, eye, and hair colors. Their ability stats are well-balanced.


A long-lived races that is found among forests and ancient ruins around the world. This race excels in archery and has an advantage in terms of will-powered stats. They are similar looking to humans but they have long, pointed ears.


Well-known in the mountain and underground mine workforce. They are humanoid, have a strong build, and are very short. Female dwarves don't look as strong and are more plump and ball-shaped. Dwarves have high levels of stamina and magic resistance. They make for good fighters and ironsmiths.


Half-Alvs are very similar looking to humans. The only difference is the presence of a strange emblem found on their tongues. This race gets a story bonus when entering dungeons and participating in campaigns. Not much is known about them.


Were-cats have feline-like characteristics, with cat ears and facial fur but no tails. They have high stats in dexterity and senses.

Wolf Fang

Wolf Fangs are humanoid, with thick and heavy fur. With intense fighting and bleeding they are able to call forth their wolf-like characteristics during battle. This gives them a major boost in strength and footing, along with giving them golden eyes, wolf ears, and a phantom tail.

Fox Tail

This race does not have any physical enhancements, but does excel in magic. To offset their extreme ability growth they are penalized by randomly losing a skill/technique/spell from the main class list when leveling. Physically they have fox ears and a phantom tail (number of tails depends on level). Both can be hidden from sight by the innate power of the Fox Tail race.

Race of Ritual

Little is known about this race. It is known for high magical power and immense amounts of knowledge. They have tattoo-like emblems and patterns on their bodies known as Runes. Their health is extremely low, making them a rare choice.


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